Floor Decals, the New Normal for Retailers! Order Today!

Floor Decals, the New Normal for Retailers! Order Today!

ArtLab now provides custom floor decals, the new normal for retailers!

There is a growing need for Social Distancing markers in Retail Establishments. Everywhere you look, there are now marks on the floor six feet apart, aisle traffic direction, and so on. If using painter's tape to mark out your floor is not up to your standards, may we suggest Custom Floor Decals?

Custom Floor Decals: Redefining Retail Standards

Artlab designs and prints Custom Floor Graphics that can take the traffic. Printed on a durable vinyl decal, we can print full-color images of anything you want. These full-color decals are then over-laminated with a clear UV and scuff protector. Simply apply to any smooth and clean surface for long-lasting wear, while reinforcing your branding.

Embracing the New Normal: Stylish Solutions for Social Distancing

The new normal will most certainly include some form of social distancing—as an expression of courtesy AND safety—and it’s likely to extend far beyond the 2020 Social Distancing Season.

Everyone that has stores, offices, and lobbies—anywhere people gather or stand in line, needs this product. Now you can help people help themselves and help the community while doing it in style. No more painter's tape on the floor!

Call 321-984-8844 or email orders@artlabfla.com us. We can do it all without ever even meeting you face to face. We even offer FREE DELIVERY. So easy to install, but if you want to leave it up to us, we can send a crew out to your building after hours. All we need is a clean floor!

Here are some reasons you need Floor Decals from ArtLab:

  • More states and municipalities are enacting stricter guidelines about social distancing signage.
  • Floor graphics may be the most affordable, accessible option for retailers.
  • Floor graphics are easy to order, easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to CLEAN. Think about that for a minute.
  • ArtLab can produce Floor Decals for your establishment in a matter of hours, customized for your branding.