ArtLab T-Shirts cares about our environment and our oceans. Saturday June 8th is World Oceans Day and we bring you this message from the animals of the Oceans. On this day and every other day, be aware of the impact we humans have on our environment. Refuse single use plastics, recycle smart, do your part! Your part is to become aware, recycle, re-use and re-purpose. The Oceans need us . . .

World Oceans Day from ArtLab T-Shirts Melbourne Palm Bay FL

Healthy Oceans equal a Healthy Planet. Our lives depend on it.

Dear Humans, we need your help. Seriously

We animals are getting hurt and our home, the ocean is becoming a dangerous place for us. Did you know that six out of ten items most commonly found in our ocean are recyclable? Isn’t that crazy!? It is dangerous too. Animals sustain life threatening injuries because of the trash and recyclable materials that wind up in the ocean. The best way to prevent this from happening is by creating a strong recycling culture.

World Oceans Day from ArtLab T-Shirts Melbourne Palm Bay FL

Birds nesting on remote beaches of the world can not escape single use plastic pollution.

That is why you humans should use standardized labeling on recycling bins, society wide, . . . they make it easy to recycle more and recycle right. The USA generates more waste than any other country in the world, so we need the USA to lead the way!

Here is how you can help – text FIX IT to 40649 to ask your elected officials to display the standardized labels on recycling bins in your community.

Let’s rid the oceans of waste and recyclables once and for all!! Please recycle right, and if you have trash, throw it in the trash bin and put a lid on it.

Oh, and one more thing – when someone offers you a plastic straw, a plastic bag or any other single-use plastic item. Please, Refuse It, DON’T USE IT!!

Single use plastics are huge problem for all of us living here in the oceans. Please humans, do your part. Your kind have caused this problem and only humans can fix it.

World Oceans Day from ArtLab T-Shirts Melbourne Palm Bay FL

This entangled grey seal needs your help. Stop discarding waste into our oceans!

ArtLab also provides FREE re-usable grocery totes for anyone who wants one. Just stop in and ask for one. No need for single use plastic bags and the tote is great for beach days. They even fill up nicely with beach trash, making it easy to tote a load to the waste bin on your way home. Thanks for your help and Happy World Oceans Day!