Why do you need Vehicle Lettering and Decals for your Small Business?

Are you looking for an inexpensive yet high impact way to increase the awareness of your brand? Tired of blowing your advertising budget on traditional media outlets and getting no results? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then vehicle lettering and decals, for your small business vehicles, is ideal for you

An incredibly impressive yet inexpensive way to advertise, your brand, and market your business is by decorating your company vehicles with custom graphics. ArtLab can work with you to design, create and install an awesome traveling billboard for your business.

Why You Need Vehicle Lettering and Decals from ArtLab

There are many ways your business can benefit from having your vehicles lettered, whether you have an entire fleet or just one company car. When compared to advertising on the radio, TV, local newspaper, or on highway billboards, vinyl lettering and graphics are a much more economical alternative. Graphics and lettering on your vehicles will get noticed and remembered as your vehicle travels your market area. Think of it as a traveling billboard!

Once applied, our vinyl vehicle graphics will continue to deliver your message 24/7, promoting your brand! Vehicle lettering is considered “evergreen” advertising, you pay for it one time and it continues to advertise for you year round. Whether parked at your business, the businesses of customers, or homes, your vehicle will be a billboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ArtLab can help make your company vehicles stand out from the bland vehicles of your competitors and get you noticed.

If you need an effective way for your business to get noticed, then vehicle lettering is the way to go. It can also serve as your opportunity to extend your reach and bring in more business from your  target area. No matter the reason, ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphic Services, is a full service company.We can provide a level of service unequaled by the impractical, self-install vehicle lettering companies available online.

Vehicle lettering and Decals by ArtLab Palm Bay Melbourne FL

This service vehicle advertises the company brand wherever it travels!

Who Benefits From Vehicle Lettering and Decal?

If you own a business in the Palm Bay or Melbourne, Florida area, your business will benefit from a well designed vehicle graphic package. All businesses can benefit but here are some business types that more commonly use lettering are:

  • Companies that have vehicle fleets
  • Parts delivery trucks
  • Automobile franchises
  • Courtesy shuttles
  • Auto dealerships
  • Carpet cleaners, restaurants, commercial and home cleaning services, auto collision centers, and other franchised businesses
  • Pick-up and delivery service companies
  • Subcontractors, HVAC contractors, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors

Why run around in an unmarked vehicle? Turn your vehicles into moving billboards for your business, whether they are constantly on the road or if they may be parked near high traffic areas.

Vehicle lettering and Decals by ArtLab Palm Bay Melbourne FL

You do not need a full wrap. Sometimes a clean un-cluttered look is more effective advertising.

How Does It Work?

From the initial consultation, to the final installation, ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphic Services works with our customers to provide awesome, custom vehicle lettering and decals for your truck or fleet of trucks. Consulting with you on your needs, budget and purpose for advertising ArtLab can create a virtual proof for approval prior to installation. A scale mock-up is created showing all lettering and graphics based on the consultation. Once your design is approved, we install the vehicle lettering and decals for business owners on any type of vehicle.

Vehicle lettering and Decals by ArtLab Palm Bay Melbourne FL

The back of your vehicle is easily read at stop lights and in traffic.

When the life of your company vehicle has come to it’s end, Our custom vinyl lettering and decals can also be easily removed. No need to worry about decreased resale value. Once removed the vehicle surface looks as it did originally.

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