Vehicle Graphics

Ever see a vehicle on the road with advertising on it? Of course you have. What you may not know is that ArtLab can get your vehicle graphics done for you. This is one of the most effective and economical advertising methods available! Consider this, you pay ONE TIME a flat rate to get your vehicle decorated with your message. Once that is done, the decorated vehicle travels it’s daily routes in the heart of the area where your business comes from. Thousands of people see and take note of your message throughout the day whether it is in motion or parked. It is working for you day and night. The most effective vehicle graphics are similar to the most effective billboards, simple, bold messages and eye catching graphics. Consider your vehicle as a traveling billboard! With the advent of digital printing these days a lot of people fall victim to too much color, too much content. Do not make that mistake, look at other vehicles and see which ones you can easily determine the message on. The fancy wraps, full of color backgrounds and words with shadows and special effects are eye catching, but usually the message gets lost in all the noise. Here is a simple message displayed on our client’s trailer, easy to read, easy to understand.

See other examples of vehicle graphics in our gallery, SIGNS-VEHICLES, or follow us on facebook for daily updates. Call today for a free consultation or quote on your traveling billboard 321.984.8844

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