1913 The First T-Shirt Models

Have you ever sat and wondered, how did the t-shirt become so entwined in our present society? Everywhere you look there are t-shirts, plain white tees, colors, tie-dye and specialty fabrics, short sleeve and long sleeves. Everyone wears them, kids, adults, moms, and dads. Some are decorated and some are not, and the decoration techniques vary widely. There are literally thousands of choices these days when it comes to picking out your favorite t-shirt. But, how did it all begin? Who made or wore the first t-shirt? How did printing on t-shirts come about? Here is what we were able to ind out.

The first t-shirt was a White cotton, crewneck tee and it became regulation underwear for the U.S. Navy prior to World War One. Two decades later, at the University of Southern California, the USC football players don similar shirts to prevent chafing from heavy shoulder pads. The tees became so fashionable that students start pilfering them for casual wear. In response, the school began stenciling “Property of USC” on its T-shirts as a crime-prevention tactic, not a statement of pride. To this day one of the favorite slogans printed on a shirt is Property Of, then the name of the entity seeking to advertise their school, team or brand.

April 20, 2018

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