ArtLab has ten suggestions that can Make Your Tee Shirt Designs Look Amazing!

At ArtLab T-Shirts we know that It is always a great feeling to wear a T-shirt of your brand. However these days, we find businesses creating tee shirt designs, even when they don’t have any knowledge about the designing process. Customized tee shirt designs are an easy way of spreading awareness about your product or service, starting conversations about what your brand is offering and attracting you NEW customers. A unique tee shirt with the logo of your company can make you  stand out in the crowd. There is no chance that people won’t notice you. They are bound to get curious to know more about your brand.

Not only are t-shirts a classic piece of casual wear, they are a blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs alike. Are you wondering how to make awesome Tee shirt designs that help you in gaining the attention of potential customers?

Here are ArtLab T-Shirts top 10 secrets that can help you make your tee shirt designs look great.

1.  For effective Tee Shirt designs Choose The Right Font

Selecting the right font for your tee shirt plays a crucial role in gaining popularity amongst your target audience. It is necessary to choose a font that justifies the message on the Tee shirt. An appropriate font size of the text message gives a professional touch to the tee shirt. Typography often provides that, at-a-glance, first impression that people judge the rest of the design by — so your font choices need to be purposeful and appropriate.

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

Unique fonts and colors are the key to creating this design.

2. Pop Culture Images can be used in some cases.

Are you completely free to use pictures from pop culture when you are designing  a Tee shirt for your brand? In some cases yes, but you must consider copyright infringement. Consider doing an internet search to answer your questions about copyright law.

Be sure you do not plagiarize protected images from pop culture, i.e.- action or cartoon heroes, characters from comic books. Design using those images that you know are public domain and see the magic it spells for your business!

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

This design used a public domain image found on the internet to great effect.

3. Eye-catching Colors in your Tee Shirt Designs will Grab The Attention you desire!

Though the process of choosing attractive colors for your T-shirt is an exciting part of designing, it can be more complex too. For instance, some of your Tee shirt’s color combinations look more vigorous on a computer screen as compared to real life. More colors also add to the cost of a screen printed design, so use color wisely.

Whether you choose to have a single color design or different color combinations, it (color) is the first and foremost connection that a buyer makes with a brand. Be consistentwith colors you choose to market your brand. Also pecific colors tend to stir certain emotions in customers, thus creating brand relevance and motivating purchases.

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

Big C’s uses bright colors to stand out!

4. Use Funny Illustrations in your Tee Shirt Designs

People from all age groups love wearing funny Tee shirts; especially if the t-shirt has animals or other recognizable subjects doing unusual things. The important thing you need to remember while making funny T-shirts is to have original ideas. Does it make you smile, then perhaps it will also work the same for your target group.

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

This design uses humor to get the message across and a character created just for the client’s business.

5. Detailing Is Better But, Keep It Simple

There is nothing better than creating a Tee shirt with well-executed masterpiece designs. Since the size of the t-shirtprint is only so large,  extensive detailing may or may not work. Though detailing gives you a chance of showcasing something that is complex in a simple manner, try not to overdo it. Complex images impress people, but at the same time, it’s not that easy to remember them if they are too detailed. Just remember, original and simple images can be recalled easily, and they can attract the attention of customers too.

Your tee shirt should be detailed enough to convey a unique message, but simple enough that the message is easy for anyone to understand.

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

This simple design is effective because of the font selection and color used.

6. Preprint Preparation Is Necessary

Always make sure that your design will look good in all sizes, starting from extra small to extra large. When you are adding text in your Tee shirt designs, make sure that you convert that text to outlines so that you get the most out of the design. Converting a text to outline makes it “print-ready.” It allows you to open the file as a complete vector file without worrying about searching for the fonts you’ve used. Creating outlines will help you to create an excellent T-shirt design.

7. Brainstorming Is Good For Tee shirt Designs

When you create something, make sure that your design is original. The tricky part about Tee shirt designs is that it is very easy to duplicate someone else’s concept.  To avoid this, you have to do some research for similar ideas and give your best to make something original and brilliant. Apart from this, you need to be open to other options like theme, palette and  be ready to apply any of the required options in your project.

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

The Yogi Perogi uses humor and unique font selection for a memorable design

8.  Using Big Photos to Create Large Clientele

Do you want to use photos in your Tee Shirt designs? In our fashionable society, everything is allowed when you design a T-shirt. These days, every store has tee shirts that have a celebrity photo or colorful collages with varied shades. You can create such designs using different printing techniques. For instance DTG (Direct to Garment) digital printing can be used to place full color photographic images on a t-shirt. If you are using Photoshop, then it would be helpful for you because you won’t find low-resolution images from the Internet. So, use this technique in the process of designing.  Full color photographic designs can also be color separated and screen printed. This method achieves a brighter, more vivid colors but is costly to produce, So it’s use is good for longer runs for bigger projects.

ArtLab Tee Shirt Designs Printing Melbourne Palm Bay FL AMCA Ladies Tee Design

The AMCA Ladies T-Shirt design uses a public domain photographic image

9. Select Your Market

Your target audience is a major factor to consider while you design a Tee shirt for your brand. You have to consider various factors such as the age group and gender of your audience before you start designing. After all, you are designing T-shirts that you want people (young lady or old gentleman) to wear. As a smart marketer would do, you can make a list of your target audience before you start designing the t-shirts. It is essential for you to know who your target clients are, what type of design they like to wear, their tastes and preferences. As a good businessman, you need to test the quality of your t-shirts by getting honest opinions from others, preferably people who are within your target audience.

10. Cost Matters in Tee Shirt designs

While you are planning to design a Tee shirt, get some ideas of how much your design would cost you. Get screen printing quotes from several printers and compare the prices to determine the best deal possible, without sacrificing quality. Look for a company Like ArtLab T-Shirts that is knowledgeable in t-shirt designs and has the philosophy to give the customer more! Remember the cheapest deal is not always the least expensive in the long run. A good design executed poorly will not get you the exposure you desire.

The final word on designing a custom tee shirt from Artlab . . . We hope that you found this article helpful and worth reading. We are sure that all the points mentioned above will provide some insight to help you design your Tee shirts to be the best. So, come to ArtLab T-Shirts for the best in Tee shirt designs. Increase your  business by following the above-discussed points and experience the difference that ArtLab can make. Good Luck !!

Tee Shirt designs from ArtLab in Palm Bay Melbourne FL

This design uses humor and a copyright free cartoon image to create an economical one color design.

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