T-Shirt Printing Services

We provide t-shirt printing services for all types of businesses in our Palm Bay / Melbourne , Florida area. This design was done through one of our wholesale accounts for a Charter Boat docked in Micco, Florida. Someone had already put a vinyl graphic on their transom of the name of the boat “HOOKER” and a graphic image of classic blues guitarist John Lee Hooker. Our job was to turn that into a t-shirt design by adding the extra copy “The Fish are Lonely” and creating a pocket print for their home port designed to look like a Guy Harvey signature. One problem was that all we had for the Guitarist figure was a low resolution jpg image. We had to digitize the figure turning it into vector art and Matt Ginsberg our art director did the rest. Good job Matt!

ArtLab T-Shirt printing services can help make your design ideas come to life on t-shirts, signs, banners and thousands of other promotional products. Call us today 321-984-8844 and ask us how!

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