ArtLab T-Shirts says Stop polluting our Oceans

ArtLab T-Shirts of Palm Bay / Melbourne cares about our environment. Too many of us give little regard to what becomes of the items we cast off. Plastic grocery bags and balloons for instance often end up in our oceans. Creatures such as the sea turtles pictured here consume them thinking they are their natural food, jellyfish, floating in the sea. They can not digest plastic and it often leads to their death. Ever think what happens to the helium filled balloons you released at the beach that day? Instead of piling up hundreds of plastic grocery bags, take a reusable bag with you when you shop. Come by ArtLab T-Shirts in Palm Bay today and we will give you a FREE reusable grocery tote with our logo on the side. Do your part to help these guys, please . . .


May we have a word with you? We ask that you keep hold of your balloons and other plastic waste. Not that we’re not smart. It’s just that we trust our living space around us, not to hurt us in that fashion. Have Aloha! Our awareness is natu…re. Whether we are predators or prey, we still hold our environment in trust. Let us put back the trust in you, to do the same.
A beautiful picture of Honu.. we would love to give credit on copyrights… does anyone know who took this picture? Aloha, Denise Renee
Mahalo, Marinaf!!! Marina Krasnovid: “This picture was taken by Troy Mayne”. (!__turtles-and-marine-reptiles)

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