Space Coast Ultimate Frisbee club

Walter Frederick Morrison, the man who invented the Frisbee – the simple plastic disc that became a billion dollar craze and a symbol of misspent youth on beaches, parks and university campuses around the world , has died at the age of ninety. Thanks Walter, I for one have spent many happy moments with a Frisbee and I know that I can vouch for Tigger to with the same sentiment.

This week we did the first of several jobs for Space Coast Ultimate Frisbee club, just finished 150 moisture management tees for their Savage 7 tournament coming up soon. Will be doing next week another matching order for the PPPH13 (Presidential Plastic Platter Hatter 13th annual) tournament. This year we had to do a design featuring Millard Filmore 13th President of the Uniited States. Kind of tough assignment considering Millard is remembered for NOTHING! What a boring President, no wars, no controversy, nothing. Anyway with Eric’s input we came up with this design, one color print on multi-color moisture management tees.

For more info on Space Coast Ultimate Frisbee go to their website

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