Promotional Products and T-Shirts, these giveaways present an opportunity to acquire more customers!

ArtLab presents our top seven Promotional Products and T-Shirts giveaway ideas for our customers.

1. Offer a free trial gift incentive to sign up.

A lot of businesses offer Promotional Products and T-Shirts in exchange for giving their service a try! A simple way to do so is to have a pop up box that prompts the user when they land on your website. Keep it tactful and easy to close if they are truly not interested. Make the process simple and don’t ask for more than you need to. If the lead doesn’t follow through with your service, they still have your Promotional Products and T-Shirts and will more than likely use or wear it. Subconsciously, you will be in the forefront of their mind or someone else will see it and look you up!

2. Use your social media sites to Host a contest.

We see these often, and that is because they work. Make sure you keep the instructions simple. If you ask your prospect to do too much, you will see less interaction and the contest could potentially flop. Post a picture of the Promotional Products and T-Shirts that you plan to giveaway, ask your fans to “like” it and tag a friend. Tagging helps spread the contest and grow your brand awareness. Set goals ahead of time and decide what it is that you would like to achieve! Be sure to set a time limit to the contest and always announce the winner.

3. Send your Promotional Products and T-Shirts to prospects.

You will have to invest a little more time and energy into something like this, but the return will be worth it! Start small and choose a handful of companies, people, etc. that you would like to work with. Pack up your Promotional Products and T-Shirts that are part of your giveaway and send it out! Be sure to include some sort of call to action (perhaps a special deal or discount) in the package along with your contact information. As a bonus, place a special hand written note on top! Send the package to someone specific and be sure to follow up in a week if you haven’t heard back.

4. Sponsor an event in the community and give away your Promotional Products and T-Shirts while you are there.

Growing your business might mean spending more money sometimes, especially if it means getting in front of the right crowd! As an alternative to traditional advertising, in hopes of interacting with the right people, get more microscopic and sponsor an event! There you can get directly in front of the people you want to meet. For instance, provide a free t-shirt in the giveaway bag! The payoff can be big especially if you are there representing yourself. Your prospects can have immediate interactions, ask questions and even place orders on the spot!

5. Play a game to promote your business.

If you attend a lot of events and/or conferences, break up the monotony of breaks in between sessions with a little fun! Have your company host an activity where people can win something. Promotional Products and T-Shirts are great for this. But make sure it’s immediate, (not a raffle) and keep the excitement levels high. Remember this may be their first experience with your brand. Leave them with a fun memory!

 6. Give Promotional Products and T-Shirts to your employees. 

Here is one that should probably be at the top of the list! Your employees are often your biggest fans (hopefully, haha). They have the ability to influence the circles around them! They know someone that knows someone else. You get the point, right? If they buy into what you’re doing, chances are the people around them will too. Give them something to show off and throw in an extra for their friends.

7. **BONUS* Send existing customers “Thank You” giveaways!

It’s great to gain new customers, but it’s even better to hold onto the ones you have. People remember their experience upon first finding you as well as walking through your process. After you have given them the best possible customer experience. Follow up with a thank you note and either Promotional Products and T-Shirts as a giveaway. Pick something that represents your company well! If they’ve enjoyed their experience, they will be your best brand advocates and share the good news.

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