Maple Street Natives

Earth Day just came and went and ArtLab T-Shirts did not give it a mention, so I am setting that right. Our clients Brent and Sharon Dolan have a beautiful nursery in West Melbourne called Maple Street Natives. They promote and sell plants that are native to Florida. I am in the process of turning my home landscape into a native habitat, it’s good for the earth and good for me too. No more expensive fertilizers and unnecessary watering and best of all I only do selective mowing now. Here is how they describe it on their website

Create Habitat! Florida Native Plants provide all the benefits for healthy gardening. Maple Street Natives established in Brevard County, Florida since 1987. We are in business to provide the area with landscapes that are naturally Florida. Landscapes that are sustainable without the use of harsh chemicals, and over watering, and provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Reduce or eliminate sod. Plant Real Florida!!

We have done several t-shirt designs on organic cotton tees and also signs to put up when they are working on a new landscape project. Call Brent and Sharon or visit their nursery, really nice people and extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Tell them Steve McElwee from ArtLab T-Shirts sent you. Go Native!

Call ArtLab T-Shirts if you are in the Palm Bay or Melbourne, Florida area 321-984-8844. We can hook you up with great t-shirts, signs, banners and promotional products for your enterprise too.

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