How Great T-shirts Can Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

How do you attract new customers, reward existing customers and create awareness of your brand in a crowded marketplace? We know that trying to get someone to commit to using your service or buying your product can be a daunting task. However, you can stand out, and here’s how: Invest in a marketing strategy that will get used, worn and talked about. We are talking about how great t-shirts can be your best marketing strategy!

The key to achieving success, using great t-shirts as a marketing strategy, lies in creating desirable custom printed t-shirts. T-Shirts with an amazing branded design, that will get worn over and over again by employees, customers and your biggest brand supporters! Wearing your Great T-Shirts, others can help you spread the good news, stand out in the crowd and get your brand talked about.

ArtLab T-Shirts knows how to do this. We thought we would answer a few common questions that you might have. The answers can be shared with the rest of your team and will help you come up with your best strategy for marketing great t-shirts yet.

What are the Attributes of Great T-Shirts?

  • It’s going to have a fun, creative and simple design, conveying the image of your company, product, etc.
  • It’s part of a co-ordinated effort with your company’s brand, mission and values
  • It will convey, in a glance, a message to your audience that you want heard.
  • It’s going to be printed with incredibly soft inks on a super comfy t-shirt that everyone will want to wear.
  • It will become someone’s favorite t-shirt!

What are the benefits of a branded t-shirt?

  • Great T-Shirts help you to acquire new leads that are qualified and ready to engage with your brand.
  • They can allow for an affordable marketing strategy. Wearers become unpaid, walking billboards for your brand.
  • T-Shirts, done well, can be the promotional product that will actually get used. Not tossed away, and they get used over and over again.
  • You brand will stand out in the crowd. People will start to notice your shirts everywhere. Potential clients become curious about your brand and wonder how they can get one since everyone else seems to have one.
  • Giving your t-shirt to customers will create walking advertisements that proudly represent a brand that they believe in. Knowledgeable people that believe your brand makes their life better. These new ambassadors will gladly spread the word about how your company solved a problem they had.
  • Great T-Shirts can establish stronger brand recognition. The more people that have and wear them, the more eyes that see and learn about you.
  • Giveaways like pens, stickers and drinkware are great (we have all that stuff too!), but utilizing great t-shirts can tie your marketing strategy plan together.

Need ideas to Grow & Develop new & existing customers using great t-shirts?

  • Have them sign up for a free trial or an initial purchase and receive a free t-shirt.
  • Host imaginative contests on your social media accounts, the winner gets a free t-shirt.
  • Break the ice with potential clients. Give your t-shirts as a gift to individuals you really want to work with.
  • Give away a t-shirt as a thank you gift to your best customers. After all a loyal and satisfied customer is your best sales person.
  • Give your great t-shirts to friends, you know they will wear them all the time.

Your staff and employees are a part of your marketing strategy too. Heres why it’s important to motivate them with t-shirts too:

  • T-Shirts unite company culture and create camaraderie with others. Happy employees are likely to share positive words with their surrounding community.
  • Workplace t-shirts can inspire unity which ultimately equals more productivity. This feeling of being part of the team could help your business run more efficiently.
  • Your employee’s friends will probably want a t-shirt too, make enough to go around. This sought after tool will keep spreading your brand recognition like wild fire (we promise)!

Local Public Radio WFIT 89.5 FM uses branded t-shirts to generate a buzz, get people talking and as an incentive to donors in their Semi-Annual Fund Drives.

ArtLab Great T-Shirts supports WFIT Melbourne Palm Bay FL

Great T-Shirts designed  for the WFIT 40th Anniversary in 2015

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