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Do you want to create T-Shirts with an innovative theme for your next event? Creative thinking is what we do here at ArtLab! After all, Great Ideas come from ArtLab! Innovative t-shirt designs make a great addition to any gathering, whether it is for a school, a charity, or just a social event. T-Shirts are a great way to raise awareness or hype for your event, as everyone wearing your event t-shirts becomes a walking billboard advertising the event. The shirts can also be sold as a fundraiser, given away as prizes or offered as part of the registration package. If done right, your Event T-Shirts may be become the main reason why your event is so successful.

Event T-Shirts do not have to be complex.

Sometimes the simplest of designs is all you need. Simple designs are easy to comprehend for the viewer and make a lasting graphic impression. Perhaps just the name of the event in a bold and striking font will suffice? If you have an existing event logo, a simple shirt with the logo displayed front and center will also do the trick. Creative event tees for anything from a High School Homecoming, Municipal Holiday Events, or even an Annual Fishing Tournament can benefit from awesome custom shirts. Simple designs are usually the least expense to produce also. Which makes for more profit for your event or charity to make use of!

Try a recurring theme for Annual Event T-Shirts.

Events that occur every year, or on a regular basis, can benefit from deciding on a theme to inspire the graphic design. Each event design is then based on the recurring theme and, if done creatively, can create a collector mentality in those who receive the t-shirts. Folks will want to participate year after year just to collect the Event T-Shirts as a keepsake. A Seafood Festival will obviously have fun, designing with the creatures of the sea as a recurring theme. A High School Homecoming is a natural for using the existing school mascot in a new and fun way each year. A sporting event held each year around a national holiday can use that holiday as a recurring theme as well.

ArtLab designs Annual Ultimate Frisbee Event Shirts with a Presidential Theme!

One job we look forward to each year at ArtLab T-Shirts is one we do for the Space Coast Ultimate Frisbee organization. Each February on Presidents Day weekend Ultimate Frisbee Teams from all over gather here on the Space Coast for the annual Presidential Plastic Platter Hatter. Each year the event is designated as the PPPH with a numeral for the corresponding occurrence of the event. This coming February 2020 will be the 23rd time this event has occurred and will therefore be PPPH23. We have not done this event from the start, we were approached by the organizers and came on board in 2012.  When we were asked by the organizers to do a design for PPPH16 in 2012, we suggested they adopt a Presidential theme to coincide with the Holiday weekend. The resulting design was received so well, we have been doing them ever since! Each year we pick the US President that corresponds to the annual numeral notation as inspiration for a new design. For instance, Abe Lincoln was our 16th President and therefore he was the inspiration for the PPPH16 design that year.

Every Team that registers for the event gets a Event T-Shirt with the new logo printed on the front in two colors. Registration is limited to 1o teams and each team has 15 players. Each of the ten teams gets a unique shirt color to designate their side on the playing field. Most repeat registrants, we are told, like to collect each years shirt for posterity. Our design becomes a sought after collectors item and helps contribute to the success of the event each year!

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At ArtLab we love to get creative and come up with the Great Ideas that our clients have come to expect. Give us a call or email today and we can get started on your New Design! ArtLab T-Shirts serves the immediate Melbourne, Palm Bay and the Beaches and we also ship nationally and Regionally. Check out our website and request a quote, call 321-984-8844 to speak with our knowledgeable staff or email orders@artlabfla.com

This blog is populated with images of the PPPH designs we have done for the past eight years. Check them out and we think you will like them. To see other t-shirt designs see our T-Shirt gallery on our website. Enjoy!