Earth Day 2019 is finally here, and our planet and especially our ocean is counting on you to join with ArtLab T-Shirts and do your part.  We practice eco-friendly t-shirt and other printing techniques and use eco-friendly t-shirt blanks as well. At ArtLab we are conscious of the impact we make every day and do our best to recycle, re-use and re-purpose in order to make the smallest impact we possibly can.

Recycle, Re-Use and Re-Purpose ArtLab eco-friendly t-shirt

Recycle, Re-Use and Re-Purpose with ArtLab eco-friendly t-shirt ideas!

Whether you need to print an eco-friendly t-shirt message, or go the extra step to use only eco-friendly t-shirt materials. We are your source as ArtLab can print on a variety of eco-friendly t-shirt blanks, such a organic cotton or blended 50/50 tees made of recycled plastic bottles. We also give away eco-friendly t-shirt tote bags for free, all you need to do is ask. Our reusable totes can be used at the grocery store in place of those plastic bags that are clogging our landfills and waterways.

Here in Florida we love our beaches and our nesting sea turtles. Take our eco-friendly t-shirt grocery totes to the beach and pick up some plastic debris while you are there. Imagine if everyone who went to the beach, would leave with one bag of garbage to recycle or discard. The plastic bags these totes replace find their way into the water and then guess what? Plastic bags floating in the water look to a sea turtle like it’s favorite food, the jelly fish. Ingesting those bags can harm or even kill a sea turtle.

ArtLab eco-friendly t-shirt tote bags do not look like jellyfish

Plastic bags look like the sea turtle’s favorite food the Jellyfish.

From the reefs of Indonesia to the shores of the Mid-Atlantic where we live, sea turtles are found in all of our ocean’s global waters. A beloved symbol of the strength and grace of the sea, sea turtles are some of the most iconic marine wildlife—but they’re also facing incredibly serious and devastating threats to their survival.

Of the seven sea turtle species that call our ocean home, six of them are listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as vulnerable, threatened or endangered. The marine habitats of sea turtles are more vulnerable today than ever before. From the ingestion of plastic debris or the threat of entanglement in marine debris, like discarded fishing gear and nets, Sea Turtles are in grave danger.

ArtLab eco-friendly t-shirt stop single use plastic

Discarded single use plastics endanger sea turtles and other marine life

When sea turtles are born, their nests usually bring about 100 new baby turtles into the world. On average, only one of those babies will survive to become full-grown. With these chances of survival, human-induced dangers become even more detrimental. If change doesn’t happen soon to protect these animals, their survival as a species over time becomes less and less certain. Could you imagine a world without sea turtles? We can’t either. Do your part along with Artlab, use only eco-friendly t-shirt blanks when you can and stop using single-use plastics. But there is hope!

The work to combat marine debris and invest in habitat restoration and protection has the potential to make a world of a difference for sea turtles—but it can not be done without you! This Earth Day and every day, protecting marine wildlife species like sea turtles is absolutely critical.

Change your habits and do your part this Earth Day and throughout the year. Recycle, re-use and re-purpose. Avoid all single use plastics and use eco-friendly t-shirt materials when you call on ArtLab for your next eco-friendly t-shirt design. Don’t forget to ask also, for your FREE reusable ArtLab grocery tote.

Thanks for helping to secure our future and the future of our precious planet. As our ArtLab T-Shirts mascot Beaker says, Respect Mother Earth!

Help Beaker to Respect Mother Earth in your eco-friendly t-shirt

Help Beaker to Respect Mother Earth in your eco-friendly t-shirt