9 Reasons for Using Decals / Stickers, the Original in Old School Marketing

In this blog, ArtLab of Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida will give you 9 reasons why you should use Decals / Stickers as a Marketing Tool for Your Business. For over 65 years, decals /stickers have been helping politicians get elected, helping to build companies, establishing brands, advertising, starting conversations and increasing exposure. In recent times consumers have embraced Decals / Stickers from the brands they identify with, and use them to display lifestyle preferences for all to see. Yet despite being long-lasting and having a low cost per impression, not enough attention has been paid by marketers and businesses to the power of this sticky marketing tool.  Here are nine reasons your business shouldn’t ignore decals / stickers as a powerful, low-cost marketing medium.

1. Beyond The Bumper Decals / Stickers

Decals / Stickers are no longer just thought of as “bumper stickers”. The days of  the large, white, rectangle with a one color print, for car bumpers are disappearing. They are being replaced with promotional stickers of all shapes and sizes and full of color. Used for application to windows, water bottles, laptops, sports equipment, signs, phones, people… anywhere!

2. Decals / Stickers Are Old School Social Media

The promotional decals /stickers of today are physical, off-line forms of social media and broadcasting. People were ‘liking’, posting, pinning, tagging and starting conversations with decals / stickers long before the Internet came about. Younger people will remember growing up and putting decals /stickers on their notebooks in school as children. Older folks will remember that political bumper stickers were in use as far back as the 1950’s, as well as the advent of travel decals on back of the family station wagon. Designed and distributed properly they continually generate low-cost exposure, impressions and word of mouth marketing.

3. The Power of Word-Of-Mouth

Do you think that off line marketing is not as effective as social media for word-of-mouth? Think again. Recent studies show that 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know (Nielsen). And, 90% of word-of-mouth about brands is taking place off-line (Keller Fay Group). Yet tools, like decals /stickers, used to encourage and amplify off-line (as well as on-line) word of mouth are often overlooked by many businesses. This is an obvious mistake.

4. Anti-Advertising / Personal Endorsements

Advertising/marketing has shifted to more permission and connection based models. Advertising that interrupts or is lost in a sea of other pitches is (usually) no longer cost-effective, especially for small businesses. The power of decals /stickers lies in the fact that when displayed they are not perceived as advertising at all. They are personal endorsements, recommendations and badges of support for a message, product or organization. After all someone chose to display the decals / stickers advertising your brand. What better endorsement could you ask for? Our Client Clean Surf uses decals to promote their products and as a product too! Everyone who loves the ocean and the beach lifestyle would want to display one of these proudly!

Clean Surf Decals / Stickers ArtLab Palm Bay Melbourne FL

Clean Surf Decals / Stickers are attractive to everyone who loves the ocean, Therefore people apply them to their cars, surfboards etc, advertising the Clean Surf brand.

5. Decals / Stickers make an Engaging “Gift”

Regardless of whether promotional decals /stickers are displayed in public they can still be very cost effective. Whether handed out or mailed, quality decals /stickers have a higher perceived value than other promotional mediums (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.). They are viewed more as a gift than “advertising”. Decals / stickers are like promotional products in that they are harder to throw away immediately and can engage the recipient… “Where could I stick this?” “Who could I give this to?” “I haven’t donated in a while.” “I need to stop in there.” “I love these guys.” Here at ArtLab we always toss in some of our self-promo decals when we deliver a job or mail an invoice.

ArtLab T-Shirts Melbourne Palm Bay FL

ArtLab mascot Beaker rides a vintage British Bike on this giveaway decal.

6. Use Decals / Stickers to Place and Promote

Promotional decals / stickers are not always a give-away item, of course. They are also an inexpensive way to brand products, packaging, signage and serviced equipment. You can’t always rely on others becoming advocates that spread your message and brand, but you certainly can do it yourself, whenever possible, in tasteful and effective ways.

7. Micro Marketing/Identity Development

Because of the succinct nature of  promotional decals / stickers, the process of development and design can help clarify and focus other marketing efforts (logo, website, advertisements, business cards, headlines, press releases, etc.). The same core questions need to be asked and analyzed:

  • Who do I want to communicate with (who is my market)?
  • Where do I find them? How do I make contact?
  • What are their interests (what do they want/need)?
  • What is my unique offering, message and/or story (identity)?
  • How do I communicate and broadcast my message/identity cleanly, simply, graphically and quickly to my market and prospects?

8. Compliment and Enhance Other Marketing Efforts

Besides branding and efforts to increase exposure, decals / stickers can be leveraged in other ways to enhance and strengthen marketing programs. Free decals / stickers can be traded for addresses. Opinions and conversations can be encouraged on-line in social media to engage fans and customers. Valuable information or promotions can be delivered on the back of a sticker. Decals / stickers improve the open rates of direct mail. Decals / stickers can strengthen communities and awareness of a particular message. Cooperative campaigns with others can reduce costs and increase distribution and impressions. Successful or interesting campaigns use of decals / stickers can generate excellent PR. And, much more…

9. Decals / Stickers Sell As A Profitable Product

Promotional decals / stickers, done right, can also become profitable products by themselves. A brand name, slogan or image can become a sticky product. You don’t have to be Life Is Good or a popular band to create stickers that fans will pay for. If you’ve got retail options, a unique angle to a specific market, or fans and advocates, you can definitely create decals / stickers with enough perceived value to warrant people wanting to show it off, and willing to pay for the privilege. Just make sure the sticker fits the customer’s personal needs and preferences, not just your own marketing/branding needs. Choppers Inc. produced and sold these decals. Custom motorcycle enthusiasts love to display a pin-up girl in their garage and also advertised for the Choppers Inc. brand at the same time.

Promotional Decals / Stickers from ArtLab Palm Bay Melbourne FL

Choppers Inc. produced and sold these decals to clients. Attractive enough to buy, yet they still advertise for the brand.

To sum up, marketing is about relationships; communicating what makes you unique and of value to the people who will benefit and are willing to support you. Decals / stickers can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond and encourage that the word is spread. That is sticker marketing – utilizing one of the lowest-cost, highest exposure marketing tools available to make and strengthen connections. But, remember, like any form of marketing or advertising, sticker marketing requires proper planning, design and execution to maximize its effectiveness.

Call on ArtLab today and let our professionals help you design decals / stickers to effectively promote your product or organization. It’s fun and it is inexpensive too. 321-984-8844