Clean Surf – Contract Printing with ArtLab T-Shirts & Graphics

Artlab T-Shirts prints for many clients in our area which includes Melbourne, Palm Bay and the surrounding Beaches. Most of the time we deal with the client in design, supply and print production capacity, but we also provide Contract Printing services as well. Sometimes folks come to us with their own ideas, and are set up to supply their own apparel too. All they need is a company like ArtLab to print their t-shirts and decals. One such client is our friends over at Clean Surf and they happen to share our views on Ocean and Beach Conservation. What a great partnership!

Clean Surf is an eco-conscious clothing brand founded by husband and wife, Karina and Orlando Briceno. Based out of the coastal beach town of Indialantic, Florida, Clean Surf is dedicated to promoting the conservation of our oceans and beaches and they donate 10% of each sale to the Surfrider Foundation. You can purchase these Great Clean Surf products through their online store or look for their “pop up” store at local events. For a complete listing of those events visit the Clean Surf website

We met Orlando and Karina three years ago and have been fortunate to work with them on a contract printing basis. Orlando and Karina are of the same mind as we at ArtLab , when it comes to our Oceans and our environment. We love printing their brand because we are committed also, to what it stands for. The designs are strictly the work of Clean Surf. At Artlab we take those designs and turn them into the products that Clean Surf envisions on a contract printing agreement. Whether it be a basic t-shirt, ladies and mens tank tops, caps or even baby clothes, at Artlab T-Shirts and Graphics, we apply the decoration to the product supplied. Clean Surf is committed to only the most environmentally friendly products, and they supply 100% organic cotton apparel for us to screen print their designs on. Why use organic apparel?

Ways Organically produced Apparel reduces our environmental footprint

  • Organic Cotton – is farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers
  • Sustainabley grown materials – Bamboo/Hemp both grow exceptionally fast, using less water, naturally insect resistance, and long lasting durability.
  • Low impact dyes reduces water quality impact of manufacturing
  • Water recycling at the production facilities, reduces water consumption and cuts down on water treatment and waste water.
  • Support of environmental non-profits by Organic Cotton producers

At both ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphics and Clean Surf we can honestly say, “We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly progressiveness. We will continue to care for our customers and the environment in every way we can.”

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