0ne-stop solution for all your Art Design and Marketing Needs!!

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0ne-stop solution for all your Art Design and Marketing Needs!!

Acquiring a business and then rebranding it can be a monumental task, especially when you already have other companies on your plate to manage! One of our customers, the owner of a very successful lawn service business, acquired a lawn pest control business.  The new (to them) business came with many rebranding opportunities and a hard-working but dated-looking truck.  So, of course, they came to Artlab for all their branding and marketing needs!

As soon as we got the call at Artlab, the whole team was ready with the ideas, starting with a brand new logo for the company.  We produced new shirt designs, yard pesticide signs, and the most important of all, a fresh new look for the hard-working truck.

Once the logo was approved, we started working on the pesticide signs, with a clear goal in mind that the branding and the message should be clear 

Pesticide signs by artlab The same design philosophy was followed when designing the T-shirts, with red & black print on soft yet rugged sliver long T-shirts Tshirt Design by Artlab
But our personal favorite is what we have done with the truck; with a completely new printed vinyl wrap, the truck looks flawless and justifies our idea of branding for the business and fulfills their marketing needs.

Do you find this project exciting? Well, at Artlab, we offer a one-stop solution for all your art design and marketing needs, with thousands of customizable products to choose from; Artlab offers the best quality with the quickest turn-around time! Have a project in mind? Get your quote today or give us a call at 321.984.8844

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