ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT 89.5FM, Public Radio for the Space Coast and it has been that way for a very long time. If you count our founder Steve McElwee’s involvement, we have been there since the beginning in 1975. WFIT started in Robert’s Hall with a very weak signal that barely reached the beach. WFIT has come a long way since then and we are proud of our local station as we think it is the best!

The WFIT Fall Fund Drive begins on Friday, September 21st at 7 am, so be sure to get up early and tune your radio to WFIT 89.5fm. ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT Public Radio for the Space Coast and we understand that WFIT counts on members to power what they do. WFIT is a public radio station, and the greatest and most dependable source of funding comes from listeners. But it is a smaller percentage of listeners than you might imagine. ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT and we are hoping to increase that percentage during this membership drive. WFIT members are united by an appreciation of quality journalism that’s informative, researched, fact based, and dependable.

ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT Public Radio for the Space Coast

WFIT is located on the campus of Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida. This year is Florida Tech’s 60th Anniversary, therefore WFIT has set the Fund Drive goal at $60,000. Also by the end of these 10 Fund Drive days, they are hoping that 600 members make a donation, and join the WFIT family. We’re also looking for 60 of these to be new sustaining members, and 100 new members. ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT and we encourage you to join us in supporting Public Radio for the Space Coast. No matter what amount you give, your gift makes a difference, it’s your vote for public radio programming. It’s community support that keeps your favorite music, local and world news, and community event information on the air for all of us.

How can YOU become a WFIT Public Radio Member?

One of the easiest way to donate is by becoming a sustaining member. It’s a great option for both you and WFIT. Setting up a regular monthly gift from your credit card or bank account, means no renewals to think about, and spreading your gift over the year is easier on your budget.

An easy way to support WFIT is by Donating Online Now, its easy and convenient. If you’d like your gift counted toward your favorite show (or shows), just note it in the comments section. Surprise your favorite show hosts by getting them closer to their goal before their “On-Air” fund drive program even starts.

ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT by donating and producing many of the Premium Gifts used for Fund Raising.

One way to entice folks to contribute is by offering incentives. This fall there will be a great variety of “Thank You” gifts to choose from, when you make your pledge (online or by calling 321-674-8950). Or you can choose to forego the gift and have the total amount go towards programming. This fall the “Thank You” gifts include a new Custom designed T-shirt, screen printed by ArtLab, the Euro Oval Logo design is on a soft dark heather tee. Add it to your collection and wear it proudly.

ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT

ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT and has donated this 2018 Fall Fund Drive NEW Tee design as an incentive.

There are also gift certificates, donated by other area business supporters, for restaurants, stores and services. Maybe a custom embroidered WFIT logo, cap or jacket by ArtLab suits you. They also have music CDs, plus theater & concert tickets, and even decals custom printed by ArtLab. We love to see proud supporters about town in their WFIT t-shirts, show everyone that you support WFIT too!  How many shirts do you have in your collection, do you have any of these?

ArtLab T-Shirts shop dog Darby supports WFIT Radio too!

ArtLab shop dog Darby has been a WFIT supporter since she was six weeks old. She loves Pet Warz day (although she is passive and peace loving), the name is just for fun. Wednesday, September 26th, have your pet make a pledge, and at the end of the day we’ll see which species of pet has the largest number of donors. Darby is always rooting for the Dog Nation to come through big on this day. If you can, send a picture of your pet to, they would love to post it on their Facebook page! Darby will be sending her picture in, and if you want to see more of Darby’s adventures, follow her on instagram, . . . @sidecar13dog

ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT Melbourne Palm Bay FL

ArtLab shop dog Darby listens to WFIT at home and in the shop delivery van. Join her and support WFIT!

Already a supporter, How can you join ArtLab in helping spread the word about the benefits of Public Radio?

Speaking of Facebook, an additional way you can help us reach our goal is by spreading the word about the WFIT fund drive on your facebook and twitter accounts. ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT and we Encourage others to support their local public radio station too, WFIT 89.5 FM.

Also, don’t forget to request matching gifts from your employer, your spouses employer, or a company that you are retired from. It’s a great way to make your gift go twice as far.

For Questions about memberships please contact Jane Clary at or 321-674-8140. ArtLab T-Shirts supports WFIT and we greatly appreciate it if our customers and friends would join us and donate during the Fall Fund Drive. Thank You!

Thank you so much for all your support. WFIT belongs to you!

Check out our WFIT photo album on our ArtLab Facebook Page and check out all of the cool t-shirts and promotional items we have provided over the years.