ArtLab supports WFIT FM

WFIT needs YOUR support during our Spring Fund Drive starting TODAY running through April 23! There are many cool prizes including an AWESOME T-shirt, CDs, & gift cards to various locations. Call the station at 321-674-8950 with your pledge. EVERY pledge is important & we GREATLY appreciate everything you do to keep WFIT going! You can also pledge online through this link. Thank you again, & remember: WE LOVE YOU!
♥ArtLab supports WFIT

Artlab is a proud supporter of WFIT FM in Melbourne, Florida. Have you heard our spots played every morning and evening during drive time on NPR‘s All Things Considered? Today marks the beginning of their Spring Fund Drive, remember without the support from people like me and you WFIT would not be here. Commercial radio is a drag, same old noise pollution over and over again, listen to WFIT 89.5fm and see what I mean. These guys play a variety of music you won’t hear elsewhere and the NPR News is a fresh, welcome approach from the slanted reporting you hear on the major networks.

Contact WFIT today and make your pledge, Just do it!!ArtLab has printed t-shirts and bumper stickers, ask for your when you make your pledge and wear / display it as a proud WFIT supporter.

Follow WFIT and ArtLab T-Shirts and Graphics on facebook too!

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